In this article, we will show you how to claim Treasure Hunt rebates successfully. 


  • Go to the "Search Deals" section and start looking for products to purchase.
  • Once you find a Treasure Hunt listing, it's time to start hunting! 
  • Click the button 'Start Treasure Hunt' to begin the rebate process.

Please note: The blue button says 'Start Treasure Hunt' instead of 'Buy Product'.


  • Next, you will see the instructions for finding the product. Follow the steps on the screen.
    • Go to (or it might be a different marketplace like Walmart).
    • Search for Keyword 'See blue text' in the marketplace search bar.

  • Once you find the product click 'YES' to continue.

Please note: If you were not able to find the product using the first keyword, click 'NO' and the system will provide you another one.

  • Make sure that the main image, price, and brand name match. Then, copy the URL.


  • Paste the URL in the 'Product URL' box and click on the 'Check URL' blue button.

  • If the system confirms that you found the right product, please go back to the marketplace and complete the purchase.


  • Now that the purchase has been completed, please click on 'I Bought The Product'.


  • Enter the order ID provided by the marketplace and click on 'Confirm Purchase'. 

Please note: Remember that you must have your account fully verified in order to process your payout on time. 


  • Now your rebate is confirmed and we will process it within 35 days! 

If this is your first purchase, please follow this link to verify your account.