In this article, we explain how our system is currently working on the seller side and the new features you can use to make your experience with us even better!

With the new Treasure Hunt feature, you can configure your campaigns by entering keywords instead of a URL. This update does not only offer the benefit of creating campaigns in which sales are more 'organic', but it also helps to increase the ranking through different keywords. This will benefit the position of your listing on the marketplace in a BIG way! 

Creating a Campaign

When creating a campaign, fill in at least one of the ten Keyword boxes available. This will enable buyers to find your products more easily when searching in the marketplace of your choice (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or Etsy). Please keep in mind that your product should not be ranking below page three.  

Note: The percentage of all keywords entered should be equal to 100%. Please double-check the keywords selected. 

Setting a Treasure Hunt campaign will provide buyers the keywords to search for your product more organically. You can choose the 'weight' of the keywords from 5% to 100% - the more weight a keyword has, the more often it will be provided to customers. 

Campaign Payment

All payment methods remain the same; however, a fee of $3.95 is applied per claim (includes $1 Treasure Hunt fee). You prepay the amount equal to your per-day rebates and each time a rebate is claimed, we charge the card on file to replenish your funds.

Note: If you set your campaign to run several days or 'non-stop', the system will automatically charge you the necessary funds to complete your daily rebates before the release time comes; this is in case you have any rebate(s) claimed. If the system cannot access the appropriate amount from your credit card, your campaign will be suspended. Please ensure you have enough funds available to avoid campaign interruption. 

The number of rebates and the duration of your campaign is totally up to you. If in the end, some rebates were not claimed, the remaining money from your campaigns (canceled/completed) will be automatically transferred to your general wallet. The transfer happens daily at 1:00 am EDT. You can then use this money for future campaigns, or have it refunded to your credit card.