1. From Shopify admin, click Apps.

2. Click RebateKey: Coupons & Rebates.

3. Find a coupon(-s) you want to submit.

It might take several minutes for new coupons to appear in the app.

Click Sync coupons to speed up the process.

4. Click Submit to RebateKey to submit coupons one by one.

5. Select multiple coupons and submit them all together by clicking on the Submit all to RebateKey button.

Congratulations! You’ve just submitted your coupon. 


The submission process usually takes one business day.

You can see the submission status here. 

Pro tip

Before submitting your coupon, select the correct categories for each product to help customers find your product

You only need to do it once, we will remember the product category you’ve selected for your future coupons.

Read more about how to set up an automatic submission.