All coupons are managed within the standard Shopify interface.

1. From your Shopify admin, click Discounts.

2. Click Create discount.

3. Choose a coupon type Discount code or Automatic discounts.

You will see a “Create discount code” settings screen. The following parameters are required:

  • Discount code (for the “Discount code campaign”) 

            or Automatic discount title (for the “Automatic discounts” campaign).

  • Types.

            Currently, RebateKey supports “Percentage” coupons only. 

            You will not be able to submit “Fixed amount,” “Free shipping,” or “Buy x get Y” coupons to RebateKey.

  • Value.

  • Active dates, Start, and End dates.

Important: If you skip the “End Date,” we automatically set it up as one year from the start date.

4. The following settings are optional:

  • Applies to.

  • Minimum requirements.

  • Customer eligibility.

  • Usage limits.

Pro tip:

Keep “Minimum requirements,” “Customer eligibility, “and “Usage limits” settings at default values. 

5. Click Save

That’s it!

Now you should see your coupon in the RebateKey app.

It might take several minutes to update the data.

Click Sync coupons to speed up the update process.

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