This is the RebateKey app interface.

Here you can submit and manage your existing coupons; track your coupon statuses; add product categories; pause and restart your campaigns and track your coupons claims.

1. Show/hide RebateKey tips;

2. Show all coupons you have

3. Show only coupons that are active on

4. Preferences

5. Filters

6. Search 

7. Bulk editing menu

8. Table sorting

9. Coupon — Discount code name

10. Discount — Discount value

11. All items — number of products this discount applies to

12. Active — Number of items which are active and running on

13. Awaiting — number of items awaiting for moderation

14. Declined — Number of items that were declined

15. Used — Total discount claims vs. claims from RebateKey

16. Coupon dates — Discount start and end date 

17. The newly added coupon eligible for the submission

18. The “New” badge shows recently added coupons

19. Manual submission button

20. Coupon status: Scheduled; Active; Paused; Expired

21. Unsupported coupon type

22. Coupon system alert

23. Notifications since your last visit

24. Start/pause coupon

25. List of product categories supported by

26. Item system alert

Creating a coupon

All new coupons are managed within the standard Shopify interface (“Discounts” module). 

Use this module to create a new discount, edit existing discounts, pause and delete your existing coupons.

Click here to read more about How to create a new coupon.

The RebateKey app will track changes and updates in the “Discounts” module and automatically update the app’s data.

Use Shopify “Discounts” module to create a new coupon campaign. Use the RebateKey app to submit your coupon on

Submitting coupon to

1. All your new coupons will appear on the main screen with a “new” badge.

2. If you don’t see your coupon, click on the “Sync now” button.

3. To submit a coupon, click on the “Submit to RebateKey” button.

You can select multiple coupons by clicking on corresponding checkboxes and submit them all at once.

That’s it!

Wait for your coupon approval. Usually, this process takes one business day. We will notify you if something goes wrong.

You can track your coupon status:

  • Number of items online (Active).
  • Number of items awaiting approval (Awaiting).
  • Number of items decided items (Declined).

Read more about How to submit a coupon.