First go to the upper right corner where your name is, once there please click on Wallet

In the Payment Method section, you will see the Gift Card option.

This is the best option to get your reward! There is no daily fee and is the fastest method to receive your refund since the system automatically generates the reward link after 35 days!

It's Easy! Follow these steps:

1- Once your payout date comes, access your wallet again and click on ‘see payouts’, there you will find the Gift cards tab.

2- Click on 'Redeem' you will be redirected to a page with many retail e-gift card options!

  • The reward link never expires! So you can use it anytime you want.
  • You can choose to divide your reward between different retailers! (some stores may require a minimum).

3- Select the value of the card. If you have remaining balance and would like to choose another option, repeat Steps. 

4- Once you have selected all the e-gift cards you want, click 'Checkout'.

5- Enter your name and your email address and check the box acknowledging the terms. 

6- Click 'Complete My Order'.

Your e-gift card(s) will arrive in your email inbox!

Now you are ready to use your gift card(s)!