In this article, we explain how our system is currently working on the seller side and the new features you can now use in order to make the experience with us even better!

You can now connect your Amazon seller account (MWS) and let us do all the hard work of checking order IDs! Click here to connect or login to your account and use the ‘+ Add account’ option when creating your campaign. 

If the buyer cancels, returns, or refunds the order at any moment during the rebate window, our system will automatically dispute the rebate claim for you! No more having to check order IDs daily.

Please bear in mind that if the order ID the buyer tries to submit in order to claim their rebate is not found in your account for the parent/child ASIN you entered in your RebateKey Campaign, our system will not let them claim the rebate successfully. 

  • If you enter a child ASIN, buyers will have to provide an order ID that matches with the purchases record of this specific ASIN. If they end up buying a different child ASIN (other variation offered), they will not be allowed to claim their rebate. This means that you must use a child ASIN in cases where you ONLY want to offer one product of all the variations shown in your listing and specify in the title of the campaign for which variations the rebate applies.
  • If a parent ASIN is entered, buyers will be able to claim any of the variations from this listing. So if you are planning on offering different variations in a single campaign, we recommend you to add a parent ASIN and specify in the title of the campaign that the rebate applies for any variation.

Q: How often do we check? 

A: Every 6 hours until the 35th day when the money is transferred to the buyers.

Q: Does this send any info to Amazon about my campaign?

A: No, we only pull order numbers and check them against the orders submitted to RebateKey.

Q: I have more than 1 Amazon seller account, what can I do?

A: You're in luck, we have the option to add unlimited Amazon seller accounts to your RebateKey Account.

Q: How do I choose which account to check orders from?

A: When you set up your campaign, you will see a dropdown where you choose the account to check orders against.