If you want to avoid giving away all your daily rebates at the same time, we have good news! Our platform has been updated to offer you the benefit of creating campaigns in which sales are more 'organic', this means that you can now configure your campaign so that it distributes the desired number of total rebates throughout the day.

Below we show you how to create a campaign according to your needs:

If you checkmark the ‘Run indefinitely’ box, your campaign will run from the start date offering the same number of rebates set per day until the moment you decide to end it. The number of rebates is entirely up to you. If something unexpected happens with your payment, the campaign will be automatically moved to the ‘Offline’ section.

  • Rebates - How many rebates do you want to offer each time a release happens?
  • Frequency - At which frequency do you want to release items?
  • Campaign duration - By default, the campaign will not have a limit of rebates offered. You can pause it at any moment.

As we mentioned, the system now allows you to release the rebates throughout the day. If you change the frequency, you will notice that another box will be displayed which will show you the number of rebates that will be distributed during the day. You can play with all these options until you find a configuration that perfectly suits your needs!

If you remove the checkmark from the 'Run indefinitely' box, two extra boxes will be displayed. In the first one, you can set a deadline for your campaign and in the second one, you can define the total number of rebates you want to offer to our clients.

  • Ends on - The campaign will end on a specific date.
  • Ends after - The campaign will end once the number of rebates below has been given away. 

Note: The number of total rebates placed in the ‘Ends after’ box should be higher or equal to the number of daily rebates.

Whatever happens first, the end date, or the desired claims, your campaign will be completed by the system.