In this article, we will show you step by step on how to upload a New Coupon correctly.

Please note: All products must be sold on or any other US marketplace. Coupons are FREE and there are no added fees associated. 

1. Go to your Coupons section > Listings > click on the ‘+ Create New Coupon’ button.

2. Basics:

Select the Marketplace and enter the product ASIN. Once complete, click on the ‘Continue’ button. 

3. Pictures: 

Pictures will be pulled directly from the marketplace. If you want to add more, click on the ‘Upload Pictures’ button to select other ones from the gallery of your device. Once added, click on the ‘Continue’ button in the lower right corner. 

4. Settings:

  • Price must match the full listing price without any discount/promotion. 
  • Discount (% OFF): is the discount offered, utilize the drop-down to select it easily. This amount should match the coupon code set up in the marketplace. 
  • Coupon Code: must be set up within the marketplace first. Provide the same code previously set up and paste it into this section.  
  • Start date/End date: select the schedule of your Coupon depending on your needs.

  • Product URL: we suggest you test the URL link provided to ensure that the consumer will go directly to the product listing. 
  • Keywords: although only one is required, we recommend all three are completed. Select target keywords that will help buyers find the product easily when searching on RebateKey, Chrome Extension, or marketplace of choice. 
  • Chrome Extension: will increase more visibility to the consumer. Check out our Chrome Extension article in the knowledge center to understand a little more about this fantastic add on. 
  • Free Shipping: is always an added bonus for the consumer. Select this option if you are providing it to them. 

5. Preview: 

This tab will allow you to preview the listing that will appear on the RebateKey site. It is important to double-check every part of the Cupon settings to ensure the consumer will find your product with ease. Once reviewed, click on the ‘Continue’ button in the lower right corner. 

6. Submission: 

Read the information carefully before submitting your Coupon. Please note that all Coupons go through manual approval and can take up to 24 hours to be approved.

Once you have checked the box to accept RebateKey's Terms and Conditions, click on the 'Submit Coupon' button.