In this article, we will show you the information needed to create a RebateKey account successfully and receive payments on time.

As a condition of payment, you must establish and maintain your account with the following information:

  • Provide your real full name - the name entered here will be the one that appears on your rebate check (If check method was chosen)
  • Provide your current mailing address - it is your responsibility to keep your address up to date.
  • Provide a valid cell phone number.
  • Provide a valid email address.     

Share experience:

  • If you have had a great experience using RebateKey and you want to invite your friends or relatives, please make sure they are not living in the same household.
  • Do not create more than one account in order to use our service. Only one account per household can be created. 
  • Do not purchase the same product more than once as this is part of the rules you agree to when starting to use our service. 
  • You should always purchase items at full price (no coupons, extra discounts, etc.)

Amazon and Amazon Prime:

  • Each user has to use its own Amazon account (Rebates purchased from the same account in the marketplace and claimed with different accounts in RebateKey are most likely to be declined). 
  • Amazon Prime discounts or special prices are not allowed.
  • You can not share a Prime account even if the items are being shipped to different mailing addresses.
  • You can not share a Prime account even if the payments are made using different credit cards.

If you want to avoid shipping fees, but you can not afford an Amazon Prime account, you can do a purchase of $25+ (buy several items in the same order) and still, be able to receive all the rebates claimed!

Extra info on how it works: