This tutorial will walk the seller through the process of how and when to dispute or decline a Rebate Claim. 


Reasons to Dispute/Decline a Rebate:

  • The rebate key submitted was not legitimate.
  • The order was canceled or refunded.
  • The product was returned.
  • Extra discount coupons or codes were used along with the Rebate Key offer.
  • The item bought was not the one advertised on the site.
  • The item has been bought multiple times from a same account on the marketplace, in connection with the site (this depends on the seller policies).

When to Dispute a Rebate:

In the window 30-35 days from the purchase/claim date, the rebates will be moved to the tab 'Needs Approval'. This is the time to either 'Approve' or 'Decline' the rebates. 

How to Dispute a Rebate:

1. Go to the ‘Rebate Queue’ section on the left-hand menu

2. Click on the tab named 'Needs Approval' 

3. Click on the ‘Process’ button

4. Select the reason and click on the ‘Start Issue’ button

If an Issue has been detected with the order on the 6th day after the purchase, it can be started immediately:

  • Go to Rebate Queue > Recent Rebates > View Discussion > Start Issue

Started a Dispute (Issue), What's Next...

The buyer will be notified of the dispute and have the opportunity to respond. 


If the buyer is non-responsive, the payout to the buyer will automatically be declined by the system in RebateKey on the 35th day from the claim date and the prepaid amount will be returned to the seller's wallet. 


If the buyer is responsive, the seller can try to reach an agreement to resolve the issue.