We have combined several pieces of advice from our top sellers on the importance of connecting with your customers and put together a condensed list below.  

What are Meaningful and Personal Touchpoints: 

Meaningful touchpoints connect with the customer at the right moments with personal touches.

  • Set up touchpoints throughout your customers’ journey
  • Understand their considerations and objectives 
  • Evaluate their motives to purchase 
  • Personalize their welcome 
  • Involve them in the process and help them understand their importance 

Effective Ways to Connect with your Customer:

Care about your customers by listening and following up and through.

  • Help your customers feel special by personalizing messages versus a grouped message
  • Respond to concerns in a timely manner
  • Show your appreciation, recognize their importance
  • Give them the inside scoop to new product launches coming 
  • Don't force it, allow your customer to take the time needed to respond 

Benefits of Connecting with your Customer:

Product sales do not happen without the customer. 

  • Obtain real customer feedback on product quality and details. 
  • Apply feedback to make a stronger more effective product 
  • Test images for appeal 
  • Understand the emotional connection to your product and how to market accordingly. 
  • Customer Retention