In this guide, we will present step by step on how to Message Buyers in case you need to clarify any situation with them.

1. Go to the left-hand panel, Click on ‘Rebate Queue’

2. To select the desired campaign/buyer, simply click on the drop-down button 'More...' and select the option:  ‘Message Buyer’

3. In some tabs, the  ‘Message Buyer’ blue box will appear directly

You may contact buyers via our messaging system from the moment they have confirmed the purchase and claimed their rebate correctly. Please keep in mind that you can only contact them for 60 days after the purchase. 

Helpful Hints On Connecting With Your Customer

May I ask buyers to leave a review?:

  • RebateKey is not a review generating platform, therefore we do not allow sellers to ask buyers for reviews.

Effective ways to connect with your customer:

  • Help your customers feel special by personalizing messages 
  • Respond to concerns in a timely manner
  • Show your appreciation, recognize their importance
  • Give them the inside scoop to new launches coming 
  • Don't force it, allow your customer to take the time needed to respond 

Benefits of Connecting with your Customer:

  • Obtain real customer feedback on product quality and details 
  • Apply feedback to make a stronger more effective product 
  • Test images for appeal 
  • Understand the emotional connection to your product and how to market accordingly 
  • Customer Retention

Happy Connecting!