This guide will help you understand how to purchase and claim a Rebate successfully. 

  • Use the drop-down ‘All Categories" button on the left for "Search Deals" to get to all the deals you want to see.
  • Use the ‘Search deals’ bar to browse products.
  • Use the ‘filter’ button on the right, selecting advanced search to set the price ranges or marketplace of choice. 

Purchase Product  

1. Click on a product of choice.

2. Click on the blue button labeled 'Buy Product':

3. Read and 'Accept the Terms' checkbox.

4. Click on the blue button 'Go to Marketplace & Buy Product' located at the bottom of the page, you will be directed to the Marketplace where the product is listed:

Helpful hint: 

  • ALWAYS make sure the price and brand name matches on both sites.
  • Do not use any other discount codes or coupons which could invalidate your rebate.

How to Obtain Order ID 

For example, on Amazon (Marketplace) you would go to "view order details" and copy the Order ID as you can see pointed below:

Confirm Purchase on RebateKey Platform 

5. Paste the order ID you copied from the marketplace in the pop up on the RebateKey platform where it says "Order ID":

6. Click on "Confirm Purchase"

Wait and Track Rebate Cash Back Money. 

  • Once you confirm your purchase, wait 35 days for your rebate money back. 
  • Track your payments in the "Wallet" section clicking on the upper right corner where your name is.

Helpful hint: 

You may set up your PayPal to receive your payout directly and select the payment frequency easily in the Wallet section.