RebateKey is a Rebate and Coupon marketplace that helps sellers and brand owners drive a lot of traffic to their eCommerce websites and/or Amazon, Walmart, Etsy listings, and thus boost their sales, rankings and brand visibility very fast.

You can spend weeks learning about Facebook and Google ads, learning chatbots, and email marketing, and yet, in the end, it will be more costly for you to launch products using such conventional methods where you have to bid against major brands and advertise to audiences that are not ready to buy your product.

RebateKey is a promotional and marketing tool that will give quick results. Set up is easy and costs are low compared to the costs of conventional marketing. We only charge $2.95 per rebate successfully claimed and verified. There is no fee for listing coupon codes.

With RebateKey you can drive sales within hours. Simply set up a rebate and/or coupon campaign, set the rebate or coupon amount, and see those sales come in. We have hundreds of thousands of buyers looking for deals like yours ready to buy new products. 

Rebates and Coupons are a proven strategy to drive traffic. It’s one of the best ways to capture the attention of new buyers. Buyers who enjoy such benefits will most likely help to spread the word about the seller's products.

Whether the sellers are launching new products or driving the sales for an existing product, rebates can help them create the buzz, improve the visibility of the products, and increase the overall rankings on all known marketplaces.

With RebateKey, a seller can offer a minimum rebate of 10 percent and a maximum of 100 percent. But the number of daily and total rebates is at the sole discretion of the merchant. 

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