RebateKey gives you direct access to exclusive manufacturers’ rebates and coupon codes for top-selling brands and products. RebateKey does not sell the products directly on We list the deals provided by manufacturers and display the rebate amounts or the coupon code values. You need to follow the links provided by the manufacturers to buy the products.

To claim a rebate, simply follow the product link provided by the manufacturer, and buy the product. Usually, you will purchase the product on Amazon, Walmart, or another marketplace. Please make sure the product and the price listed on RebateKey corresponds to the product and the price on the marketplace. 

After you’ve purchased the product you need to report back with your REBATE KEY, which is your order number. Once the seller verifies your order, they will approve the rebate and your rebate amount will be credited to your account (will show up in your Wallet). 

We will hold the funds for 35 days to make sure there is no error or problem, and after that, we will send you a check or you can withdraw the funds to your PayPal account or generate a Gift card.

Basically, the only thing you have to do is find great offers, buy and report your purchase in less than an hour and you'll get your money back after 35-days.

To claim a coupon code, simply copy the coupon on our website, follow the link, and apply the coupon at checkout.

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